Heinz Henghes :: Orleans House 2006
59 - 1945
"2'6"" X 2'"



278 - 1945
37 X 42

350 - 1945?
24 X 17

Two headed figure
478 - 1946?

Two cats

Study for ceramic plate

348 - 1948
28 X 38

356 - 1949
32.5 X 27.5

Self Portrait
4 - 1949
29cm dia.

Cat and kitten

During the 1940s Henghes produced many ceramic works. Larger dishes painted with different coloured glazes are perhaps the most common pieces. but from this period there also exist tiles. tabletops. and a complete chess set and board.

Glazed pottery plate
139 - 1950
76,5h x 56w

Sketch for Madonna
charcoal and red pastel on paper
65 - 1950

Madonna and Child

A note by Henghes on this work written in 1950:
Madonna, my largest stonecarving so far, occupied me about 9 months. Made for St Mary le Park Church Albert Bridge Rd. Battersea. Stone paid for by Stefan Hopkinson and Brian Dupre the Vicar, cost £75.- My work given as a gift. Received a great deal of publicity due to silly objections raised by 3 women who called it blasphemous, obscene etc. Exhibited Antwerp Open Aire Exhibition 1950. To be exhibited Battersea Park Open Air Exhib. 1951 and is to go into the Church at the end of that exhibition.

23 - 1950


Modelled in clay at Royal College or Art in 1.5 months. Cast in quick dry aluminous concrete (quartz sand 2.5 to 1 to .5 water) hollow. Shown at the Festival of Britain 1951. Now at Londons' Camden School for Girls.

535 - 1950s
40cm app

Totem figure

Made to adorn the post of a sheltered table on the terrace at Henghes home in France

172 - 1950s
56,5 x 39,5

4 Abstract figures

charcoal and witish colour wash. 4 abstract female figures; muses? No date, no signature

charcoal on paper
290 - 1950s


Exhibited as part of Hanover Gallery show 17 sept to 17 oct 1959, St George Street, London

127 - 1950s
32 X 25

Study for female tor

paper size is 52 X 31

499 - 1950s
53h X 43w


Sketch on reverse showing a pattern based on chickens - paper folded, so unfolded size revealing reverse sketch is 65 X 50

egg tempora on paper
529 - 1950s?
23.5h X 19w

Man and stars

Numbered 53 - Has the faint outline of what may have been an alternative sketch on the reverse

egg tempora