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Heinz Henghes image archive
The image archive comprises photographic records of a variety of documents, including letters, catalogues, essays, artist portfolio etc. It is called an 'image' archive as the resources available online are themselves images. There is also a second area to the archive for transcribed and other material available in other non-photographic digital formats. This is called the Henghes Document Archive. Both areas of the archive are made available for research purposes and as a source of material available for reproduction by arrangement.

Access to the archive is freely provided by the Heinz Henghes organisation. If you wish to use or cite any material in the archive please send an email to archive@henghes.org with your name, email address and a brief note about the nature of your interest. This is purely a courtesy for reference purposes but much appreciated by us.

Note that this archive compliments the website 'Works' catalogue. The catalogue should be used in preference to the archive for quick location and navigation of artwork.

Copyright and Terms
Images of artworks and documents in this archive are copyright. In most cases publication rights will be freely granted in exchange for appropriate credits including the following: "© Heinz Henghes organisation www.henghes.org". In certain cases further credits are required to other archives / collections.

Permission must be sought for publication. Contact info@henghes.org stating path and filename of all images of interest and nature of publication rights sought.

Source images and artwork
Source images of the highest available resolution should be used for print reproduction. These are generally ONLY available on request.

Source artworks and documents are in public and private collections and archives worldwide. A significant part of the document archive is available at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds U.K. In the case of publicly accessible collections, information about the location of originals is shown in the information panel accompanying the relevant item.

IPTC data is embedded in source images which may be used for further cataloguing with the following mappings to Dublin Core:

IPTC Dublin Core Source Data
Caption/Abstract Description Title and note
Category   Arts IPTC category 'ACE'
Contact   'info@henghes.com'
Copyright Notice Publisher Copyright
Created Date   Date image created
Credit   Image taken by
Headline Title Title or name of item
Keywords Subject Image classification categories
Object Name Identifier Filename of image
Source Creator Artist name (e.g. 'Heinz Henghes')
Special Instructions Rights Longform rights statement
Writer/Editor Contributor Name of entry writer
Custom Field 1 Date Assumed date source item originates
Custom Field 2   Image folder name
Custom Field 3 Publisher Website 'www.henghes.org'
Custom Field 4 Source Archive ID
Custom Field 5   Collection holding source item
Custom Field 6   Catalogue number

The archive is organised into folders. Navigate by clicking on the icon for the desired subject. In most cases the contents of each folder is displayed on multiple pages. Look at the top left panel to see how many items there are in total and which are being displayed. Navigate between pages using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons. Click a thumbnail image to see an enlargement and read information on the item selected. Move back to the current folder by clicking 'Back to index page'. As folders are 'nested' inside each other click 'Up one level' if you are viewing a folders index page and want to see other folders that are available. This page is at the 'top level folder' in the hierarchy. A full hierarchy listing of the image archive areas currently planned is shown below.

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