Heinz Henghes Chronology

1906Born 20th Aug in Hamburg, Germany and christened Gustav Heinrich Clusmann
1921Prevents mother committing suicide
1924Stows away on board ship to New York after an earlier unsuccessful attempt
1925Works washing dishes in restaurants and loading cargo at New York docks
Models for Isamu Noguchi and gains an interest in sculpture.
1927Writes prose & poetry
Meets EE Cummings, W.B. Yeats & others
1928Noguchi tells Henghes that he is much like Gaudia-Brzeska as portrayed in "Savage Messiah"
1929Exhibits: Marie Sterner, - International, - Downtown, - Weyhe (all group shows)
1930Helps strikers by driving food lorries.

Female Figure
Exhibits: Friends of Art, Baltimore, first one-man show
1932Goes to Reno Nevada following his estranged wife. Attempts suicide and is confined to an asylum. Subsequently divorced.
Leaves USA for Germany
1933In Paris from May. Works as a guide at the Louvre

Exhibits: Gallerie de Paris
Goes to Rapallo in Italy
Meets Ezra Pound who sets Henghes up with materials and space to sculpt. James Laughlin is also in Rapallo.

1934Moves to Milan
Meets Princess K di San Faustino (K.S.F later Kay Sage) and Renato Wild who becomes a patron
Named as Henghes by K.S.F.
Meets Yves Tanguy

1935Exhibits: Galleria Genova, - Il Faro, Torino, - Il Milione, Milano, (June & December)

1936Exhibits: Galleria d"arte Genova (with K.S.F.)

1937Visits Paris
Meets Brancusi, Kadinsky
Leaves Milan for Switzerland where he thinks he may settle but is only there for 2 months.
Corresponds with Ezra Pound
Goes to Paris for 3 months.
Meets Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrel, Max Ernst, Andre Breton
Anais Nin writes of her relationship with Henghes. They are attracted, but she is deeply involved with Henry Miller and Gonzalo More and calls herself a "vampire".
Introduces Kay Sage to the surrealist painter Yves Tanguy who she will later marry.
Arrives in England
Meets Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Sandy Calder, Gabo, Herbert Read, Adrian Stokes
1938Visits the Dordogne region of France in the compnay of Henry Miller and Jean Genet. They stay at Domme.
1939Featured in Living Art in England edition of the London Bulletin alongside major sculptors of the day
Exhibits: Guggenheim Jeune gallery, Cork Street, London
Meets Prunella Clough

Writes on the naming of sculpture in April London Bulletin
Writes for Adelphi, a magazine promoting peace, on the future of Europe foreseeing the momentum towards European integration
Called up by Germany whilst in London, Henghes applies for British nationality. As hostilities threaten he must wait until the war is over before this is possible and is in the meantime registered as an alien.
1940As a German citizen in Britain Henghes is interned for a few months in Australia. He travels out on the notorious ship the "Dunera". Passengers include many artists and writers. Works on surrealist drawings.
Meets Hein Heckroth with whom he establishes a firm friendship, Klaus Friedeberger and others.
1941Returns to England with help from Herbert Read Works as an Air Raid Protection warden
Writes play "Don Quixote"
1943Works over 8 years for BBC with Else Knight Thompson on the Radio Newsreel and BBC Overseas Radio Service
1945Exhibits: St George"s Gallery, Grovesnor Street London W1
1946Exhibits: The Berkley Galleries, 20 Davies Street W1

Exhibits: Group Show - "Sculpture in the Home" organised by the Arts Council

1948Marries Daphne Gow, a Ballet Dancer with the Rambert Ballet
Exhibits: Battersea Park Open Air Exhibition - LCC & Arts Council
Naturalised British Oct 10th
James Laughlin the founder of New Directions publishing comes to stay on the first of many visits from America. They are to form a firm friendship and correspond for the rest of Henghes" life.
1949Works under Frank Dobson as a Lecturer in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art London alongside John Skeaping.
Exhibits: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, (Group show)
1950Controversy surrounds "Madonna & Child" a large marble sculpture commissioned for St Mary le Park church and seen by some as "pagan".

Madonna & Child
Exhibits: participated in Reading religious Arts Festival with "crucification"
Exhibits: Exposition Internationale en plein air de Sculpture, Anvers
Takes RCA students to Dordogne to visit Lascaux and prehistoric sites
Arranges for publication of brochure on cave drawings in English
1951Works on various radio broadcasts on Art for the BBC
Exhibits: Festival of Britain

Exhibits: Sculpture in the Home" at the Bristol City Art Gallery with Henry Moore & others

The Dancers
Exhibits: Sculpture at Battersea Park - Arts Council
Buys holiday cottage in the Dordogne area where he is attracted by discovery of Lascaux cave
Meets Michael Powell the filmmaker as a result of friendship with Hein Heckroth and subsequently does some work on props for films.
1952Jean Genet comes to London to have his bust made. The work is commissioned by Renato Wild
Changes name by Deed poll to Henry Henghes from Gustav Heinrich Clusmann
Friendly with Artists Barry Hart, Marc Clark, Roland Penrose
1953Moves to live in the Dordogne in France at a newly bought house with a studio
The First Thing short story published in New Directions anthology No. 14 - half of a two part novello written in 1930
Participates in "Unknown Political Prisoner" competition and show.
Meets Prof. Hal Movius from Harvard university who is running a dig in Les Eyzies
Meets Abbe Henri Breuil the prehistorian of whom he later makes a bust
Henri Breuil
1954Eric and Salome Estorick come to stay in Tursac
1956Exhibits: Galerie Simone Badinier, Paris
Exhibits: Hanover Gallery, London, Contemporary Sculpture, Group show
Lectures at the American Institute in Berlin on contemporary art in Eurpoe and America
Lectures are organised by John McCormick
1957Completes a swimming pool surrounded by birds on columns in Como, Italy
1959Son, Ian, is born in Perigueux, France
Exhibits: Hanover Gallery, London

Little Venus
Writes article for Architectural Design
Exhibits: Musee Rodin "Histoires Naturelles" group show
1961Completes stations of cross for the church of Montpon in the Dordogne, France
1962Exhibits: Catherine Viviano Gallery, New York

1963Exhibits: Piccadilly Gallery, 16a Cork Street, London
1964Appointed Head of Fine Art at Winchester School of Art Henghes moves to England and helps the school to achieve diploma status.
The sculptor Bob Holding joins Henghes to teach sculpture. They are later to share a studio.
Meets Thomas Balogh (subsequently Lord Balogh) in France - later to sculpt a bust of him
1967Meets the Painter Jenni Notton then a student at Winchester.
1970Exhibits: 10 sculptors Two Cathedrals group show.
1971Exhibits: Kunstkammer, Hanover
1972Exhibits: Archer Gallery, Grafton Street, London W1

Three Horses
Visits Henry Moore in Forte dei Marmi region with Jenni Notton. Sees the Poet Brian Patten & Mary Moore. Patten is subsequently to write about Henghes.
Exhibits: Camden Arts Centre, London
Exhibits: Nuffield Gallery, Southampton.
Exhibits: Two by Seven, Archer Gallery, Group show
1973Exhibits: Guildhall Picture Gallery Winchester, show with Robert Holding
Retires from Winchester Art School where he was latterly Head of the Sculpture School.
Exhibits: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Exhibits: Sculpture at South Hill Park, Bracknell, group show
Represented by Jean Pierre Lehman
Joins the London Group
1974Exhibits: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Writes poetry in French

1975Exhibits: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Exhibits: Chateau l"Eveque & Sarlat, Dordogne
Dies in Bordeaux on the 20th of December.