Renato Wild was a long time patron of Henghes. He had commissioned and bought many pieces of work, and had supported Henghes in helping him to mount his early one man shows when he was living and working in Italy in the early 1940's. In 1956 Renato Wilde asked Henghes to make a pool for his home, the Villa Rospini at Blevio near Como.

The pool was to be a major commission for Henghes. The site was challenging, at the edge of lake Como in a narrow strip of land at the foot of rocks. The design was elegant and imaginative, the pool bordered by birds in flight mounted on columns visible from the lake. The rock itself would be used for a water cave for the enjoyment of swimmers. And the centre piece, two birds, placed on a plinth towards the end of the pool away from the villa, dipping from their flight into the waters.


Drawing of gate
Plans for the pool were drawn up including such details as the entrance gates for which a number of alternative designs were produced. The Sculptures were all to be of white carrara marble, perhaps Henghes' favourite material. To undertake the commission Henghes came with his wife to live at the Villa Rospini. The sculptures were carved at a stonemasons yard just along the lake in Como.
The work lasted a number of months. Workmen brought the tall columns on which the birds were to stand by boat, and erected them in place. At last the sculptures themselves were brought to the site and positioned.  
Workmen unloading the colums.

Heinz Henghes in 1964
with his son, Ian
Now at last the pool could be enjoyed and Henghes would bathe there himself whenever he came to stay. A few years after the pool was completed he would bring his young son too.

Today the villa Rospini has been transformed into appartments. The pool remains, though the two birds which formed the focal point just above the level of the water itself have been removed.

An open air masterpiece of sun, water and rocks. The pool of the villa Rospini was Henghes most complete work of sculpture in landscape, and one of which he was justly proud.

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