Henghes liked to work with different materials, but perhaps most of all he is known as a sculptor of stone. His favourite material was white Carrara marble.

Many sculptures are in Carrara marble including 'l'enceinte' (Pregnant woman) 1958

Henghes also sculpted in a variety of other stone including the local limestone to his French studio at Tursac in the Dordogne.

Sculpting in stone 'reclining figure' in his studio c1956

Clay modelling for casting especially in bronze was also a common technique used for both mid sized sculptures and busts.

Another approach was to create a skeletal frame (generally in metal) and then build up the shape of the sculpture usually with plaster of Paris strengthened with cloth strips.

Henghes also experimented with a number of other techniques, such as wood carving
(Fish 1950) collage (L'aigle 1964). and ceramics (Cat and Kitten 1945)

As well as sculpture throughout his career Henghes would draw and paint, both ideas for sculpture and other figurative pieces. He never considered this work as painting and would refer to it as 'dessin coloriee' (coloured drawings). Generally Henghes worked in charcoal and used egg tempora paints which he would mix himself.

Plaster cast of clay model prior to bronze casting Winchester Art School
c 1968


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