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Henghes was a sculptor who lived from 1906 to 1975. This site will enable you to discover the Artist and his work.

A Chronology
The life of Heinz Henghes year by year

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Sculptors, Artists, Writers and others known to Heinz Henghes arranged chronologically with links to external sites.

England & co. Spring 2006
Orleans House Autumn 2006
Hommage a H. Henghes August 2008

La Piscina - 1957
Henghes' sculpture in the Italian landscape

To Keep Alive Uncertainty
Heinz Henghes on sculpture

Kein Volk Traegt Uns
Heinz Henghes on Herbert Read, art and society and the origins of his own work with marble

Photos of Heinz Henghes
A selection of images of the Artist.

Recollections from Teresa Gleadowe

A Fantasypoem for HH
by Brian Patten

Heinz Henghes, Ezra Pound and the New Directions Colophon

Conversation with Heinz Henghes
An interview from 1973


Works by Heinz Henghes also at England & co >>

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